An Advantages of work with us:

We know all about E1 / T1! More then 16 years in this field!

5 Years Warranty!

Integration/setup is Pre-included!

Shipping Next Day

We are the manufacturer – always have a stock.

Free Evaluation!

xUSSR/EU with setup/integartion help included!

Special Prices for Profy!

Special Prices for the Installers/Integrators and TelCo! Just Ask!!

Special Custom HW needed?

Hardware Customisation for Special Customers (incl. OEM), doing Outsourcing SW projects!

Open and scalable solution

Unified Joined Dial Plan

Long-Distance calls savings

TDM to SIP Migration

Telecom channels backup/FailOver

Joining PBX-es of different types into a joint SIP cloud

CallerIdName/CalledName transit!

Proper translation to/from UTF8 and National alphabets support!

Jitter and packet-losses is not a problem!

IP-PBX & Cloud VoIP Services Integration

Deliver your E1/T1 stream based PSTN lines to the Cloud/IP PBX as a breeze!

Asterisk + E1 (PSTN / TDM PBX ) Integration Solution


Yes, we will take care about it!

Not needed to stop/open Asterisk Server case!

DAHDI PCI/PCIe boards are obsoleted these days! With Alvis you could connect via know SIP instead!!

Separate E1 clocks? Not a problem!

Alvis-GW-2E1-R2 has a separate CPU modules and a separate  E1 clocks. You will have a stable connections!

Alvis is an Asterisk (r) as well :)

We have presented Alvis on AstriCon 2009. We are proud to support the Community!

Assistance with the TDM E1 / T1? Yes!!!

We help to setup, troubleshoot the issues, integrate with many PBXes available on the market.

Joining Panasonic TDA100 and Elastix/Asterisk Solution


Unified Dialplan of TDA and Elastix

TDA now has SIP!

Elastix and Alvis are connected via SIP

No need to upgrade to TDE

More features , no money wasted

SIP-licenses? Forgot that forever!

Use all 30 timeslots in E1 and convert them to a SIP calls!

Elastix could be a VM in a Cloud

You could deliver the E1 to many Asterisk servers even in a cloud.

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