About GarantPlus

GarantPlus is a leader of Computer Telephony Systems developement. Because of a more then 12 years of experience in this field we have accumulated our knowledge into our prodcuts: Alvis-GW Embedded SIP/E1 GatewaysOmega E1/T1 Monitoring/Recording/Lawful interception Systems etc.

We are also offering an integration and engineering services for our customers in security and corporate phone systems. We are doing design, arcitect of such systems. Our company has a numerous Russian and foreign customer.

A special field of activity is Upgrade of the existing E1-capable PBX systems of the customers: Adding VoIP functionality (SIP operators), integrating the Asterisk as a part and building a unified dialplan.

Because of close partnership with  Odin TeleSystems Inc (USA) and Utel Systems Inc (NOR)  we could offer a joint special systems in the field of Telecom.

Since year 2011 GarantPlus has started out own hardware product line licensed from Odin TeleSystems Inc. It has resulted a superior quality and resonable price level for our customers.