GarantPlus has announced a E1/T1 FailOver Module: Rescue-E1, designed to buildredundant SIP-E1 systems.

Some customers needs a a high-vailability E1/T1 SIP systems, with a full/partial E1/T1 reservation on the calls-processing chain .

These  includes  Call Centers, various  goverment systems including emercon,  as well as critical corporate phone systems.

Following the wishes of the market, GarantPlus  has released a new Rescue-E1 module, having the ability to backup up to 4 streams E1, additionally adds fault tolerance, management and monitoring of Alvis SIP/E1 Gateways.

For more information about this solution, of the Rescue-E1 and the possibilities please contact GarrantPlus, it is  available on the request.

GARANTPLUS +7 4852 593060
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